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Wonderful November Weather

It’s raining today, but for the past week, we’ve had wonderful sunny warm weather. It’s actually been very pleasant, and has really felt like fall. I’ve managed to get out on some bike rides, runs and hikes — though sometimes it’s a little hard after class because it’s getting dark sooner now. Now we’re getting some of the rain from the storm that was south of us near the Delmarva peninsula for the last several days. But, it looks like it’s supposed to be warmish and sunny next week as well.

I think one of the most important things about being here in the winter is to get outside as much as possible. I think it really helps with the short days and the cold as well. If you’re outside and aware of the light and the sun, then it’s not as bad when it gets dark before you’ve even had your dinner! And, even though the leaves aren’t on the trees anymore, it’s fun to walk through them, making loud swish swish sounds. The same is true in the winter — if you get out and enjoy the snow, it’s hard to mind it as much.

One thing to remember, especially at this time of year, is that there are several hunting seasons happening. In fact, deer season starts today, so if you do go out, you definitely want to be wearing something bright, and avoid big white clothes or hats that could be mistaken for the back end of a white-tailed deer. It was turkey season a few weeks ago, and one hunter shot another hunter who was up in a tree. He thought it was a turkey. So, definitely don’t dress like a turkey and sit in a tree during turkey season!

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