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So close and yet so far

Its Tuesday night but feels like it should be later in the week than it is. Maybe that is a result of me doing homework every night since Saturday. I know that sounds truely thrilling. Trust me. I’d rather be doing other things than study on a Saturday night however, tis the season to make sacrifices.

There are less than 3 weeks left to class. I have a draft for an open memo due (you’ll learn to love these), a draft for a 15 page single spaced paper for my Extinction and Climate Change class due, and the increased amount of readings assigned for class as a last effort by the professors to get all of the material covered. Good times. To try and offset the panic I have finally given in and gone to the gym since its too dark and too cold to run in the evenings anymore. I’m not sure how the 2Ls manage their Appellate class in addition to their other courses. I am pleased to know that I do not have to deal with that.

Although Thanksgiving break is next week, I am positive I’ll spend 2 days of the break catching up on sleep and doing what I can to write and outline the rest of the time. I know the reading days will fly by just as the rest of the semester has. In fact I talked to a friend about someting I thought happened last week when she reminded me that it was actually 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure how I managed to have an entire week just disappear but, it did.

So, let the good times roll. Back to reading, writing, and not sleeping. Its worth it. All of the sacrifices are completly worth it. The work now, play later ethic isn’t so bad when you can see the end of the semester around the corner.


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