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Frosty Morning!

Today I went outside to leave for my 8:30am class and everything was covered in a thick layer of frost! The world was sparkly and white – so exciting! What was less exciting was seeing my car was also covered in ice, meaning I needed to scrape off my windshield. I’m beginning to see the value of a remote car starter, ha. Still, it’s exciting for this Cali girl to see a frosty white world. Can’t wait for real snow!

We’ve only got a few weeks of the semester left, and it’s time to write drafts of my final essays. My open memo is a bit rough around the edges, but I’m working on it. I also have a 15 page single-spaced paper for Parenteau’s Extinction course. I’m pretty excited about the topic I chose, but it is difficult finding solid information on the way climate change is affecting the oceans, since its still a fairly new area of research.

I am attending a VLS Fighting Swans hockey game tonight – apparently the team has won their last two games, so it should be fun. Saturday I’ll be heading to Montreal with a friend from school to see a Canadiens game – its my first visit to Canada so that will be awesome. It’s great that VLS is within driving distance of some exceptional destinations such as Canada, NYC, and Boston. Even though we’re all busy busy with reading and writing papers, it’s nice to be able to get away for a weekend to explore the Northeast.

I’m one of the students not heading home for the short Thanksgiving break. With only the tail-end of the week off, it’s just not worth the cost or hours spent flying. Luckily there are a few options for students like myself who are stuck here. There’s a Vegan Thanksgiving put on Monday by the student animal rights group, SALDF. There’s a community service Thanksgiving that students can pitch in on the food cooking and delivery to needy families, then join in the meal at noon on Thanksgiving day. Lastly, I will be attending a dinner put on by our Dean of Students, Dean Jefferson. She opens her home to students for a dinner in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day. While it’s not the same as being with family, I’m very glad to have a place to go to spend the holiday  with some good people from VLS =)

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