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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Baby it’s COLD Outside

It’s 6 degrees out right now. The coldest weather I’ve EVER experienced. I went outside to get the mail all bundled up, and by the time I got back I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes despite the layers. What have I gotten myself into?? Well it’s break, finals are officially over for me, and […]

Take Home Final & Fun in the Snow

I’d like to say that I think Professor Judy’s decision to make the Federal Natural Resources Exam a take home final in light of the weather, was an extremely good call. The weather was pretty nuts today. Maybe for the native Vermonters and others comfortable with driving in the snow and ice, it might not […]

First Exam Day = First Snow Day… Kind of

The school holds a fairly strcit policy not to close the school during exam week which makes an interesting time in the middle of winter. Today is the first day of exams and all of the Masters students were scheduled to have our Natural Resources exam. However, as our professor wrote in her e- mail […]

Just a Dusting!

As another MELP blogger posted, it started snowing here yesterday afternoon. It was a very light snow and then it started to pick up as the day wore on. Though at the end of the storm, there was only a dusting. According to several weather forecasts, there are chances for some more ‘flurries’ in the […]

Nothing easy about it

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my reading days started a day earlier than the official ones, thankfully. There are a lot of 1Ls who I’ve come to realize are a bit pampered compared to the MELP program. Their first exam isn’t until the end of this coming week, and have a few days […]


My first snowfall in Vermont, as I look out the window and fail in attempting to focus on studying when all I really want to do is catch snowflakes on my tongue.

First Semester Down!

Well I’m done with 1/3 of my degree, minus a few papers and one final. It’s exciting to think that I have only two more semesters to go. The advantage of this degree is definitely efficiency. I enjoyed my classes, and more importantly discovered that I am not interested in going on for the J.D. […]

Last Day of Classes

As the previous blogger mentioned, today is the last day of classes for this first semester. It’s hard to believe how quickly the semester has gone. August seems like ages ago, and yet it seems impossible that we’re already to reading period. In two of my classes yesterday, the professors gave inspiring and motivational closing […]

Done! Well, kind of.

Today denotes the final day of my first semester as a MELP. The final day of classes at least. I have been fortunate to have Fridays off all semester and am thrilled at the moment especially. Official reading days don’t start until Saturday but, without class tomorrow, I am able to have one more reading […]

Thanksgiving in Vermont

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving break is over, and that we’ve only this week left for classes before finals arrive. Instead of talking about the end of the term, and all of the studying that will involve, I think I’ll talk about Thanksgiving in Vermont. I was fortunate enough to stay in Vermont for the […]