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Thanksgiving in Vermont

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving break is over, and that we’ve only this week left for classes before finals arrive. Instead of talking about the end of the term, and all of the studying that will involve, I think I’ll talk about Thanksgiving in Vermont.

I was fortunate enough to stay in Vermont for the holiday — my family actually came to see me, which was great. Though it’s wonderful if you can go home for the holiday, if you can’t, you should also consider yourself lucky. For one, Vermont is such a lovely place to spend the holiday — it feels like Thanksgiving here, at least in my opinion. Also, it’s great not to have to travel from here. One of the hardest things about this place is traveling, particularly if it involves flying. It just takes a long time, and if you can avoid having to travel over Thanksgiving, I’d recommend it.

Also, even if your family doesn’t come to visit you during the holiday, VLS has several dinners that you can attend for the holiday. In fact, the local paper, The Valley News, had a front page article on the southern-style dinner that Dean Jefferson prepared for students who couldn’t go home for the holiday. I would post it, but the paper doesn’t actually post its stories on line. However, you can watch a story about Dean Jefferson and her experiences coming to VLS from the South. It’s a wonderful story, and also gives you a good introduction to Dean Jefferson, who is one of the most prominent and welcoming faces at VLS.

Well, that’s about it for now, except to say I feel rested and ready for the end of the term after a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. I hardly did any work, which I may regret later, but really enjoyed at the time. Now it’s time to get back to business, finish up outlines, hand in memos, and other good things like that.


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