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Done! Well, kind of.

Today denotes the final day of my first semester as a MELP. The final day of classes at least. I have been fortunate to have Fridays off all semester and am thrilled at the moment especially. Official reading days don’t start until Saturday but, without class tomorrow, I am able to have one more reading day before my exams. Is that ever necessary too.

I am not used to this system of scheduled exams on specific days and times. My undergrad had open exams days with a heavy honor system. I could take an exam over a period of four or five days at one of three different periods throughout the day. The exams were not proctured. I would pick up the test from a central place, go to an authorized room, and return my test to that central location when I was done within the alloted time. VLS is probably more closely in line with many other schools.

I have an exam scheduled next Wednesday and another the next day. Fortunately those are my only two exams. Unfortuneately, they are back to back which makes these next few days a significant time crunch. Once those are behind me I’ll need to complete that 15 page single spaced paper for my Enxtinction and Climate Change class. I don’t anticipate finishing everything before the final exam date (December 17th) but, I know many other students will be in the same boat. However reassuring that may be.


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