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Last Day of Classes

As the previous blogger mentioned, today is the last day of classes for this first semester. It’s hard to believe how quickly the semester has gone. August seems like ages ago, and yet it seems impossible that we’re already to reading period.

In two of my classes yesterday, the professors gave inspiring and motivational closing talks to the class. Although I’ve heard those sorts of speeches before, I hadn’t heard them in the classroom setting. I have to say it was a nice thing to see how much our professors really care about the issues they are teaching.

Both of my professors really stressed participation in the environmental field, and said there were many different ways to participate. I really appreciated that because, at least for me, I’ve found that I haven’t really had much of a chance to get involved in a community. I think it’s because I move around so often — which is a wonderful opportunity that many of us in this generation have. I went to undergrad on the other side of the country from my home, and I’ve not really stayed in a place for much more than a year since I graduated.

While it’s wonderful to have so many opportunities to travel and live in different places, my classes yesterday made me realize that when I do stay in a place, I’ll likely be able to participate in a more meaningful way.  And, participating on a local level is perhaps the easiest way to be involved — there at least seem to be relatively few barriers to getting involved.

It was strange for me, because I’ve really enjoyed my classes, but I had this urgent desire to get involved yesterday when I was reflecting on my courses. I guess that’s a good thing  since I won’t be in school forever. And, it is good to know that I am anxious to get out there and put into practice some of the things I’ve already learned here at VLS, and to learn even more by actually doing, instead of just reading and learning.

This blog has gotten a little lengthy, but the main point is that beyond teaching me about interesting issues, my classes and professors this term have successfully motivated me to make a difference and get involved once I’m finished here at VLS (and maybe even before that!)


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