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First Exam Day = First Snow Day… Kind of

The school holds a fairly strcit policy not to close the school during exam week which makes an interesting time in the middle of winter. Today is the first day of exams and all of the Masters students were scheduled to have our Natural Resources exam. However, as our professor wrote in her e- mail this morning “mother nature” has decided that wasn’t going to happen. Although the school is not likely to close, the professors still retain the power to change the format of the exam.

Professor Judy, overseeing a class of mixed joint degree and MELP students made the call to do just that. An early morning e-mail indicated that the scheduled exam is now a take home that wont be due until Monday afternoon. For those MELPs in the Land Use class this couldn’t be a greater blessing. Our exam for that class is closed note, closed book and is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Back to back exams are less than ideal after an entire semester of hard work. So there are definitely 6 or so MELPs even happier to have the news of the take home.

I recommend keeping the school’s closure policy in mind when you’re looking for places to live. I was able to find a place in town that I like. I can’t imagine the added stress of not having internet or decent phone service at home, and deal with the stress of driving to school during exam period… in the middle of winter… in Vermont.


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