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Take Home Final & Fun in the Snow

I’d like to say that I think Professor Judy’s decision to make the Federal Natural Resources Exam a take home final in light of the weather, was an extremely good call. The weather was pretty nuts today. Maybe for the native Vermonters and others comfortable with driving in the snow and ice, it might not have been too tough. For students like myself who are from southern states and completely unfamiliar with the process, finals is not the best time to test our skills. On top of that, many students are traveling from further afield like Burlington, and shouldn’t be put at the mercy of other drivers to go such a distance in bad weather. It’s good to know that even if the school doesn’t close due to the weather, the professors still can make discretionary calls about the exam. To second the previous blogger, I would strongly suggest students who are unfamiliar with snow find housing in South Royalton, it’s just safer to live nearby if possible.

Ok, enough seriousness. In celebration of not having to drive to campus to take the test, while I waited for 2pm to roll around so I could download the exam, I went outside and played in the snow. Literally, I frolicked. I dance, I cavorted, I plopped down in it, made snow angels, ate handfuls, and generally had a brilliant time. Oh the joy of experiencing my first heavy snowfall in Vermont! I’m just glad nobody was around to watch me, I’m sure they would have been on the ground crying with laughter…


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