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Spring Semester Begins

Okay, I’ll kick off the spring semester posts. Yesterday I had 3 of my four classes. First was Environmental Writing & Advocacy, the second semester of the MELP class. Unlike last semester, which focused on legal writing and research, this semester will focus more on advocacy and persuasive writing and campaigning. Should be a lot more my style.

Second I had Environmental Law, with Professor Latham. He is more of the typical lecturer, which I have no problem with. I think while it will be a lot of review from the Environmental Law class I took during undergrad,  it has the potential to be a good course.

Last of the day was Environmental Dispute Resolution, with Professor Nolon. It’s a smaller class, and I think that course will be a change of pace from normal classes, might introduce new and interesting topics, and foster plenty of discussion.

Grades aren’t completely in yet, apparently they’re not officially due until tomorrow. So far my grades have been lower than I had hoped for. I know it’s law school, which is a whole different ball game than undergrad was, but it’s still not fun when I’ve grown accustomed to straight A’s… Just breathe!

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