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So the Spring Semester started on Wednesday, which followed a Monday schedule. Already we have had 3 days of classes and have the day off tomorrow (MLK Day). So this week will again be a shorter week.

This semester I am taking two required courses, CERCLA, Air Pollution and auditing Risk Assessment. It has only been 3 days and I am nervous about the amount of work I have this semester. I am excited to be taking CERCLA and Air Pollution because they are two of the main reasons I came to VLS. I want to expand my background and learn the Acts inside and out. Risk Assessment also appealed to me since the class works on putting together petitions and comment/white papers on current environmental issues. This semester is a petition to list Mercury as a Critical Air Pollutant under CAA and listing Coal Flyash as a hazardous substance under RCRA. My background deals also with these acts and types of issues. I cannot wait until Tuesday for class and delve more into these issues and risk assessment in general.

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