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Week 2

Well the second week of school was another short week, since we had Martin Luther King Day on Monday. Classes are still pretty exciting, I think this semester is going to be far more interesting for me. Many of us MELPs got our first taste of the Socratic Method in Environmental Law, professor Latham goes down the list alphabetically and stays with a student for 3-5 questions – scary!

The Barrister’s Ball is next week, it’s our law school’s version of prom. From what I hear its a stag dance, so no dates needed unless you have a significant other, or want one I suppose. It’s held up in Burlington this year, so there will be buses taking students who choose not to book a room up and back.

I’ve got my test for the Presidential Management Fellowship coming up next week. Luckily it was on a Tuesday, which is a day I have no class, so I won’t miss a thing when I drive into Mass to take the exam. *Fingers crossed that it goes well*


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