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A Tour Down Under

Greetings from Australia! For this semester (actually for the next year), I’ll be living in Adelaide, South Australia. At the same time I applied for the MELP program, I also applied for a Fulbright to study water policy down in Australia. When I learned that I had been accepted to both programs, I asked if VLS would be willing to let me start the MELP, leave for a year to come to Australia, and then finish the program the following year.

Though I have nothing to compare it to, VLS was very accommodating and happy to be flexible in allowing me to do both the MELP and the water research in Australia. Definitely a plus if you think you might like to have an alternative schedule for your master’s.

Anyway, I thought today was an appropriate day to post my first blog since it is Australia Day. It’s not quite the same as the 4th of July, but it’s moving in that direction. There were many people wearing Australian flags and bathing suits with the flag pattern on the beach today, though apparently that’s a newer phenomenon.

But, it was great to have a holiday, especially since we didn’t celebrate MLK day here last week. I haven’t been working too hard on the research yet, as the first couple of weeks have been dedicated to finding housing, settling in, getting to know the city, and also watching the Tour Down Under.

But, it looks like there will be some great opportunities for excellent research here. I’ll get more into details in the future, but my project will be related to figuring out how to have more water left in rivers so that the rivers can provide important environmental functions. Should be very exciting…


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