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Barrister’s Ball

This weekend VLS held it’s Barrister’s Ball. It’s basically prom for law school, which many law schools across the nation hold. It was up in Burlington at the Hilton. The dance was fun, and it was so nice to spend a weekend with friends up in Burlington, going shopping, eating out, and people-watching over drinks. Such a nice change of pace from quiet, isolated SoRo. Everyone looked pretty snazzy in their formal wear, and though the DJ looked like Ned Flanders and apparently had no current music, everyone had a blast dancing the night away.

About 15 of us enjoyed breakfast and bloody marys or mimosas at Magnolia, an awesome place to get breakfast in Burlington, a few blocks from the hotel. I was just happy to make it to breakfast, after the ordeal of trying to get my car out of the parking garage. Apparently I missed the “No Vehicles with Roof Racks” sign posted at the entrance, and was not able to make it out of the structure without removing it. Luckily, I had some fellow VLSers who saw me in distress and came to my rescue and were able to get the rack off my car so I could exit the lot! Sheesh, who ever heard of a structure in Vermont of all places not accommodating roof racks?!

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