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Winter Doldrums

I have hit a bit of a winter slump. It’s not that I don’t like my classes, actually I’m enjoying them more this semester than I did last semester, since the topics are a bit more on point with what I want to do in my future. It’s just a slump. We’re five weeks into the semester – midterms time for me back in my undergrad since we had 10 week quarters. The weather has been nice, but all that snow I fantasized about when I accepted the offer to come here has been dumping to the south of us. Sure there’s some snow on the ground, but it’s dirty, and icy, just enough to slip on when hustling to class.

I’ve been trying to keep busy by researching and applying for fellowships and jobs for when I graduate. It’s scary for me, a person who loves the 5 year plan, to not know what she’ll be doing 5 months from now. In addition to that stress, I’m discovering the winter plays tricks on psyche and body alike. I find myself sleeping in like a slug till well past 10am, and while I’ve never been a morning person, I don’t as a general rule sleep past about 7:30 or 8am. My skin feels dry, itchy, and scaly, another unfortunate side effect of the winter cold. Yuck.

The good news is that “spring” break is only a few weeks away. I wish I was flying home to sunny So Cal, but the week’s too short to be economical really. Luckily my dad will be flying out here and we’ll be driving to the coast for a visit with his side of the family. Guess in the meantime I just have to stick with it until something comes along to pluck me from my winter doldrums.


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