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Job Summit

Today was the Job Summit at VLS. It was sponsored by Career Services and had several different types of panels.

The day started with a MELP only panel, while the JD/LLM students had their own separate panel. The MELP panel consisted of two graduates who talked about their life experiences before and after attending VLS. It was just a great start to the day to listen to 2 graduates speak and answer our questions.

The second panel was a “What should you wear?” The gentlemen and ladies were separated from each other and we had a ‘girl chat.’ Ingrid was an excellent speaker and was able to give us girls some GREAT advice about what to wear or what not to wear. I was astonished about how much I learned from that session and what to think about before you even go into an interview or start your job.

Following the “What to Wear” session was a luncheon and “How to Network” session. The lunch that was provided was excellent, it was refreshing to have a non-traditional salad, along with some other veggie delights! I have been in sessions before where we talked about Networking 101, so it was great to have a refresher.

Following lunch was the last panel of the day, where the topics ranged from how to repay your loans to how to get into the Federal Government. The focus I felt was more toward the JD students, but there was still some interesting advice that was given.

Overall the Job Summit Day was a SUCCESS!!!! I felt it may have been a little long of a day, but the panels and panelists were all very interesting and motivating. The common thread was if you need any advice, TALK TO AN ALUM!!!! I feel that I am right on track to finding a job after my year here at VLS is complete. I hope you will consider attending the Job Summit next year and consider coming back as a panelists the following year. It is an excellent way to leave your mark on future MELP students!!!!!


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