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You know you’re up late when…?

You hear the truck diver that honks his 1:45am “Hello” series to the South Royalton community below. This is definitely an interesting phenomena that I’m curious to know how many other students are aware of. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog from last fall but, in my late night delirium maybe not. Anyway, its worth noting.

I’m so curious to know who the driver is. Is it a VLS alum? Is it a he or a she? Where are they headed and what is their cargo? Why are they always headed the same direction around the same time of night when they honk? Its reminds me of the Whispering Woman from undergrad. That was someone who managed to escape campus security through the phone system, waking up innocent students late at night posing as a troubled friend. This mysterious truck driver is much, much more interesting of a topic to ponder to me than some creepy, wacked out woman who no one managed to track down. Of course nothing ever came from those calls that I heard about, than a little lost sleep.

Speaking of sleep… I need to get to that.


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