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Looking Forward

There are definitely times when South Royalton gets tiring. I love the co-op, but I wish we had a bigger grocery store that wasn’t a 30 minute car ride away. I really have learned the importance of modern amenities like an in-house dishwasher, and washer/dryer units. The public laundromat is really inconvenient when you’re so busy, and of course the days you have time to go, like a Sunday, the place is packed and there’s a line to use a machine – not to mention the cost! Well worth paying a bit more each month for one at home. Trust me! I have learned that as wonderful an experience as it has been to live here, I am not a small town girl, I need my urban amenities, grocery stores, places to eat and shop, and social variety. Sure some people manage to stay out of the fishbowl high school-esque scene here, but for the most part they’re married or live outside SoRo itself.

The semester is going pretty well for me. Classes have been more interesting this semester, and so far, I’ve had less homework-y assignments due, except for that one freak week, when every single class had something to turn in in like a 3-day span. I’m trucking along on fellowship applications, which you start much sooner than job apps. I sound like a broken wheel I’m sure, but I am NOT one of those people that can go with the flow and not have a plan, so the whole, “I graduate in August and then…” keeps me up at night. I’ll be happy when I have concrete post-grad plans.

Speaking of graduation, I chose not to walk in the formal JD graduation ceremony in June, preferring the simple MELP gathering that we’ll have in July. I didn’t walk in high school since I graduated a year early, and in college I definitely got my fill of sore feet, sweating under the gown, and screaming people – the formal ceremony isn’t really that appealing to me.

Spring break is about 2 weeks away, I’m really looking forward to the time off, although I have an assignment due during the middle of the week, and another the day I return – so much for relaxing and putting all thoughts of school aside *sigh* Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who’s burned out on the process. I guess that’s in part due to the fact that I have taken no breaks in my education, going from high school to college to grad school, with summer school every year since sophomore year of H.S.

I don’t necessarily agree with Admissions offices who look down on students that continue right through with breaks, but I do see how some of my classmates, who’ve been out in the workforce and are now back in acadamia, appreciate the classes more than I do. For someone like me, the chances of choosing voluntarily to go back to school once I’ve worked, would be pretty slim, so this is definitely the better route – but I do occasionally feel jealous of their absolute zeal for the process I’ve become almost apathetic to.


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