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Winter is Back with a FORCE

Today we had our first official SNOW DAY this semester. For the past month, SORO has been a brown, ugly mess and today we got at least 1.5 feet of SNOW!!!!! As of right now, the snow is still falling and there is another storm piggy backing this storm. SORO might receive another 2 feet on top of this new snowfall.

My friend and I decided to take a walk around the SORO green and when we got down there, the plows had not left a path onto the green. My friend rolled over the snow bank and eventually I found a lower spot to hop over. I could barely walk around because the snow was almost to my knees. The snow was easy to make into snowballs, which of course we threw a few at each other.

Enjoy the pictures! It was so peaceful in SORO today!


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