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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Summer Session

VLS offers some amazing and unique classes during their summer session. Instead of another full semester-style session, the courses come in two week doses, 3 hours a day, M-Th, either am or pm. There’s a great offering of classes, and its tough trying to decide which ones to take, how many sessions to participate in […]

To J.D. or not to J.D.? That is the question.

This is a question that many MELPs are faced with if not all. You will likely have your own struggles in answering this question for yourself. It will only be further stressed by a significant number of current students, and faculty asking the same question multiple times throughout the year. It can get old to […]

A little pleasure reading

Last semester, I hardly did any reading for fun. In law school, you spend so much of your time reading for classes, that it was hard to justify pleasure reading in my spare time. Especially when autumn is such a wonderful time in Vermont and you want to be outside as much as you can. […]

5 weeks and counting

March is winding down and April is coming full speed ahead. Here is a window into the craziness of the schedule I have chose to pursue this spring. I have three classes back to back on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Two are doctrinal and sandwich Environmental Law and Advocacy. Thankfully there is a little relief from […]

In like a Lion out like a Lamb…

March started like a lion after the huge dumping of snow we got in late February. The weather actually started to turn warmer during Spring Break, but unfortunately it has become cold again. I had a feeling this would happen. This is New England where the weather changes as much as what will spur the […]

Jobs Jobs Jobs

I’ve already begun putting my resume out there and searching for jobs since I do not plan to continue on to a J.D. following my Masters. I am focused on mostly non-profits, although for the right position, a job with the State of California or Arizona would be lovely as well. I took the exam […]

Australian English

Hearing about the recent warm weather in Vermont reminded me of the weather reports here in Adelaide. The weather really hasn’t varied much since we arrived here – clear and sunny all the time. However, I think it’s worth writing about the weather because the weather report is different here in Australia. At least some […]

41 Days of Above Average Temperatures

This has been a ridiculously mild winter in Vermont. There really were only two snow storms, and thankfully no ice storms. The weather has been in the high 50s and low 60s for the last few weeks now and its making studying very hard. However, it is nice to be able to start and exercise […]

ELS Retreat

I spent this weekend in the Catskills at a region-wide Environmental Law Society Retreat. That I went at all was a fluke, the two students from VLS scheduled to go both ended up having conflicts that precluded them from attending. I responded to a last-minute email sent out to ELS members, inquiring in anyone would […]

What do water, fish, and guns have in common?

During my time here in Australia, I am studying the Government’s buyback of water rights. Essentially, the Government gave out too many water rights before they realized the negative impacts that such extensive withdrawals would have on the environment. Now, the Government is trying to fix the overallocation problem by buying back water rights from […]