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One. More. Class. To. Spring. Break!

I know that having a double snow day last week and town meeting day off this week has killed my attention span. I also know that I’m not the only one. Many other MELPs are in the same mode of having our attention hanging on by a thread. I know that time really is passing fairly quickly but, when you’re living in the SoRo bubble its hard to feel that way.

This break will be wonderful in so many ways. Time to catch up on sleep, since I’m currently averaging 5 hour nights or less. Time to enjoy actually “living” in this great state, instead of going from class, to my homework, to West Lebanon for groceries, and then back to my homework. Also, there will be time to review everything I read but have forgotten as I made room for the next reading assignment.

There are a surprising number of students staying in the area over break. Many of them have ski passes and want to squeeze every last cent out of it, while others live too far to make the expense of a flight worth while. My family is scattered throughout New England so I’ll spend the first portion of break playing tour guide to a visiting friend, and the second portion getting a quick change of scenery breather. I only have one more early class to go tomorrow morning and then its SPRING BREAK!

Of course, there are some written assignments due but I’m trying very hard to get those out of the way now. I know I’ll like myself more later if I’m able to.

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