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Mid March

Time certainly doesn’t stick around long enough to let the grass grow. Today is the last day of spring break. The benefits to spring break is obvious, an entire week off. However, the draw backs will definitely be felt the remainder of the term. That being, no other holidays or breaks until exams are over. It will just be a straight shot from here to the end of class for the next 6 weeks, or 8 if you count reading and exam periods. Having that thought haunt my last day of break is hard to ignore.

It sounds like along time, and will feel like it at times too, but I know once I reach the end it will have been a blink of an eye. Today is already day light savings for that matter! I’m so excited for spring. This was definitely not the typical Vermont winter that I was anticipating. Besides the storm during fall finals there was only the big one about two weeks ago that canceled class two days in a row. I know most of the ski pass holders have been disappointed with the conditions this year but have tried to make the best of it from either Killington or Stowe. Since we’re progressing into the rainy season its at least warm rain which is way better than what plagues the northwest most of the winter. I can’t wait for the Farmer’s Market on the Green to start up again. I think that’s one of my favorite events besides the Stone Soup that the town hosts.

Alright, clearly I’m rambling as I procrastinate my Monday readings and revising my Environmental Advocacy and Writing Public Comment Letter. I suppose I should get to that so its not a late night before a full week of class, homework, and interning. More updates to come soon!


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