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Spring Changes

Break is over tomorrow, back to the grind. I had a great time enjoying unseasonably warm weather in RI with my dad’s family. My aunt is a traditional loads of butter and mayo type of cook, and I’ve got the extra weight to prove it – going to have to hit the gym hard, but all in all, it was so nice to relax, play games, go for walks, and read 3 books purely for pleasure. Unfortunately I’m making up for that this weekend by writing the Public Comment Letter that is due for the MELP class. I am feeling a bit confused by what we’re supposed to do, which stinks.

My sourdough starter really fermented during the break. I ignored it being gone, which gave it time to develop the flavor – so I’m making myself some sourdough pizza crusts for dinners this week. I try to cook creatively with what we have in winter, but unfortunately the prices for fresh fruits and veggies are much higher than I’m used to for winter since everything is shipped in. I second that excitement for the spring farmers market on the green – the selection is incredible, and everything is soooo fresh. Luckily, spring is in the air, it’s raining outside, the weather report says 40s-50s all week, and we set clocks forward today. I am really looking forward to all the green foliage – but not the allergy season!

Well, gotta get to the gym for a quick workout then its letter writing time, wish I’d done it before break started so I could be enjoying this last day of break instead of writing.

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