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I’ve already begun putting my resume out there and searching for jobs since I do not plan to continue on to a J.D. following my Masters. I am focused on mostly non-profits, although for the right position, a job with the State of California or Arizona would be lovely as well. I took the exam to be eligible for the Environmental Scientist position in California, and passed yesterday. I now go on a list, and as positions become available, the various parks go down the list and hire from there. I am looking primarily at environmental education and policy positions, since coming to VLS has clarified that working with the law is not what interests me. I have considered myself a naturalist and environmental educator for years, and while I hope that my advanced degree allows me to reach for more management-level positions, environmental education is still what moves me.

Speaking of jobs, for the first time, the MELP class had an assignment that I actually felt aligned with the sort of things I need to know to do to be successful in my future. We were charged with writing a grant proposal letter. We had to create a non-profit group, and then seek out an actual grant-giving organization who would be an appropriate source of funding for our non-profit, then write a letter as if we were going to apply for a grant from this organization, following any guidelines they may have laid out on their website. It was a little overwhelming at first, considering I have no experience in this area, while a few of the MELPs had done work of this nature before, once I got into it, I was really enjoying the process. If I could, I would absolutely create the non-profit I dreamt up, and would apply for a grant from the foundation I chose. Finally an assignment that felt like real-life skills education =)

Now that I’ve got that written, I can enjoy the rest of the Thursday. I don’t have classes Thursdays so it’s my day to get errands done, and relax and get out of the school-mode. Can’t believe March is nearly over – time flies!

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