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In like a Lion out like a Lamb…

March started like a lion after the huge dumping of snow we got in late February. The weather actually started to turn warmer during Spring Break, but unfortunately it has become cold again. I had a feeling this would happen. This is New England where the weather changes as much as what will spur the next topic of everyone emails. Last weekend I was wearing sandals and a lighter coat. This week it is back to heavy socks and winter coats. I could not believe the change. Usually in the morning it is colder and will eventually warm up during the day. At least that is what I was hoping, but that did not happen this week at all. I still dressed as if it was 50 degrees outside though and I think people thought I was crazy. I saw the return of winter hats, coats, scarves and gloves this week. As March comes to an end, I am amazed how fast my time here at VLS has gone. I cannot believe that Spring Semester will be over in about a month and then finals, graduation and then Summer Semester. Well back to doing some homework. I am hoping to have a more relaxing day tomorrow by getting a majority of my work done today. Happy Wintering? Springter?


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