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5 weeks and counting

March is winding down and April is coming full speed ahead. Here is a window into the craziness of the schedule I have chose to pursue this spring. I have three classes back to back on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Two are doctrinal and sandwich Environmental Law and Advocacy. Thankfully there is a little relief from case briefing between my CERCLA class and Environmental Law. It would be a much harder day to get through otherwise. Tuesdays I have 8:30am Risk Assessment and roughly an hour and a half before heading to my internship with Toxics Action Center in Montpelier. Wednesday is the same and Monday and Thursday is the same as Tuesday. Sounds reasonable except I’m not doing my internship for credit or a stipend so it does push up against my study time slightly.

This hasn’t really made much of a difference until I was recently assigned two post-spring break group assignments. Keep in mind that not everyone lives in town, and scheduling is usually hard with more than 2 people anyway. My Environmental Writing project is with 2 others but thankfully is a case where they both live in SoRo. On the other hand, my Risk Assessment project has 5 total and one lives in Burlington. The other interesting this about that Coal Fly Ash White Paper project is that it is split up between other groups in the class. Although we have until the end of finals, usually its best to get writing assignments and group projects in general, completed well before exam period. I may not be so fortunate with that but, my fingers are still crossed.

Other things filling space in between are meetings with campus organizations, meetings with those group members, and professors as needed. Now factor in time to eat and sleep, and hopefully have a few moments to read e-mails and relax? It is probably best that the start of this week will be rainy. The mid 70 degree whether predicted for next weekend will only make focusing on assignments that much more difficult. I am definitely excited for spring but it is a bit of a double-edged sword as you lead into deadlines and exam times.


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