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Summer Session

VLS offers some amazing and unique classes during their summer session. Instead of another full semester-style session, the courses come in two week doses, 3 hours a day, M-Th, either am or pm. There’s a great offering of classes, and its tough trying to decide which ones to take, how many sessions to participate in given the desire to balance finishing credit requirements, and enjoying my last few months as a student with graduating, and moving to a new location to begin a job. I still need to fulfill my ethics requirement, so I’m certain I’ll be taking at least one two unit course that fulfills that req. ideally in session 2 or 3.

The Montana Field Study class is supposed to be incredible. It’s a field-intensive course on forest management practices in Missoula, Montana. I have two problems with it though – first it’s expensive since flights to and from are the student’s responsibility. Second, it’s toward the end of the summer, which is bad for me finding jobs that start sooner than later. On the other hand, its unlikely that I’ll be a student again, in the near future, if ever. I should make the most of the opportunities that VLS has, and worry about the costs and jobs later. (Although pushing back availability by even a week or two could mean sacrificing a job opportunity, and in this economic climate they’re few and far between as it is). Ack!

Decisions, decisions…


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