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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Study Guides

My stress over exams is affecting me differently this time around. I’m trying to go with the “work smarter, not harder,” philosophy. Reviewing my exams with my professors at the beginning of this semester was very beneficial, as was visiting Professor Vesiland in the Academic Success Program (ASP). I was unable to make a continued […]

Flooding in Australia?!

So, I have to write a blog about this amazing phenomenon that is making its way to the Outback this year. In the middle of Australia, there is a place called Lake Eyre, which really isn’t a lake at all most of the time. However, once about every 40 years or so, when it rains […]

Last Day!

WHOOHOO! Finally made it through 3.5 months of coursework. I have 2 classes behind me and 2 exams ahead. One will be a take home (a favorite style for Professor Judy), and the other will be in-class take home. I only recently found out that the take home is due on the 12th because of […]

Pulling an all-nighter, Aussie style

This past weekend, I participated in a 24-hour Rogaine in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. I was thinking about how the spring semester is coming to a close, and people at VLS will be studying for their finals right now. Hopefully no one will actually pull an all-nighter, but I thought I would write […]

Earth Week

This past week was Earth Week. I only participated in a few events because I have been extremely busy with finals prep and beginning the interviewing process. I made a smoothie on the bike blender (it’s like it sounds, a blender powered by a stationary bike) and I made and modeled a garment for the […]

Earth Day

Its really been Earth Week here at VLS actually. The Environmental Law Society has a committee dedicated to creating and carrying out engaging events for the students and staff throughout the week. Monday kicked off with a “tailgate” party on the back Debevoise lawn. The turnout for a Monday far surpassed the group’s expectations. Although […]

Class Reception

Last night was the reception for graduating students in Yates. It naturally had a main focus on the law students but that was not for lack of inclusion my the commencement committee. All graduating students were invited to attend and submit pictures for the slide show. I did not actually see any that had any […]

Final days at my spring internship

Thursday was my last day at my internship with Toxics Action Center. It has been a remarkable opportunity to work/volunteer with them this spring. I feel completely rewarded for all of the experiences in the non-profit sector I have had with them. It has been tough balancing 4 classes, personal hobbies, social time with friends, […]

2 weeks left…

Like the other MELP bloggers, I cannot figure out where the time has gone. I cannot believe that we are 2 weeks out from finishing the Spring Semester here at VLS. That means just finals and a couple of Summer Semester courses. I was also lucky to get into the Summer courses I wanted and […]

Geologist for a week

Wow, what an experience I’ve had this past week. My partner is a geologist, and he had the chance to TA an undergrad field trip to the southern Flinders Ranges here in Australia. And, luckily, I was able to join for the second week of the field trip. The assignment for the week was to […]