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One down. Three to go!

Wow! How exciting is that!? I just completed my campaign presentation for my Environmental Advocacy and Writing class today. That is a MELP only class which is quite a relief from the other doctrinal classes you will end up taking. I worked with two other friends probably about 20 to 25 hours on the written component and the presentation component over the last 3 weeks. We were just given our assignments after spring break so there was not an opportunity to begin work on it any earlier.

It was fairly stressful to create a communications campaign and organization for that campaign from scratch. However, it did provide a unique opportunity to input a lot of creativity as well. Out organization was called “Back to the Table Vermont,” which focused on promoting healthy lifestyles and relationships through purchasing and eating locally sourced food. It was a lot of fun to give the presentation and share our hard work with the class. Of course since our campaign was about food, and we were the very first group to go, we made and brought in homemade veggie burgers, rolls, sauce, and sweetened apple slices on sesame rye crackers. I definitely recommend feeding your audience whenever you have an opportunity. Happy bellies makes for happy, attentive listeners.

Alright. So now that that is out of the way. I have a group project for my Risk Assessment class on coal fly ash groundwater contamination, a “mid-term”, and two exams. Three weeks to finals and the educational events, social engagements, internship completion, and sleep are all competing for their fair share of time as well. I definitely feel much more calm heading into this set of finals than I did last fall. Its not that I’m not worried about how well I’ll do overall but the fear of the unknown is gone. That certainly helps a great deal.


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