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First “Final” Today

Even though it’s not actually finals yet, I have my final presentation for my MELP class. It means after today, I’ll be done with the course. I’m suiting up because something about wearing a business suit gives me a boost of confidence. Fingers crossed that the presentation goes well…

There’s a dusting of snow on the ground today, it looks like powered sugar. I guess the rain we’ve had forecasted will be snow overnight. Springtime in Vermont is a wacky weather grab bag. I am trying to make it to the Vermont Tech gym at least 2 times a week while we have free access. Future VLS students will be lucky to have the new gym facility they’re in the process of designing and building.

I can’t believe how fast time has flown by here. I was in the library quad yesterday working on a project with a classmate, and I had a flashback to orientation week and a lunch we had in that quad. It felt like it had just happened. I guess that’s a part of aging, every year seems to move a little faster. I am so glad I came here, it’s been a great life experience living in Vermont, and this degree has really defined for me what it is I want to do.


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