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2 weeks left…

Like the other MELP bloggers, I cannot figure out where the time has gone. I cannot believe that we are 2 weeks out from finishing the Spring Semester here at VLS. That means just finals and a couple of Summer Semester courses. I was also lucky to get into the Summer courses I wanted and will be done on July 3rd. I do have a ‘weekend’ formatted class which only last 4 days a little later in July, but other than that I will be done.

I have decided to participate in the May Graduation and I cannot wait! I am hoping that it will be slightly warmer then. We have been averaging about 50-60 in the daytime and 30-40 at night. I cannot believe the weather change. Just about two weeks ago it was too ‘hot’ here and now it is back to bundling up. I had a feeling that winter was not over yet.

I am excited for finals, since 2 of mine are take-homes currently and only one in class. That means I can have off basically the whole month of May. I am looking forward to going home for a few weeks and just doing nothing! It will be nice to enjoy the weather and my family.


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