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Class Reception

Last night was the reception for graduating students in Yates. It naturally had a main focus on the law students but that was not for lack of inclusion my the commencement committee. All graduating students were invited to attend and submit pictures for the slide show. I did not actually see any that had any MELPs in it though. The culture is very interesting to observe at this stage between the 3L class, LLMs and MELPs and Administration.

Its almost like there was a brief flirtation with a longer commitment in a relationship but it never got there. So now you’re friends but there is still a bit of awkwardness because there was an intimate relationship for a short while but nothing came of it. It was strong enough to maintain a great friendship but still odd when you’re hanging out with your ex and the person they’ve found themselves in that long term relationship with. Everyone is cool with spending time together but there is still some unspoken division from the decision not to take that next step when you know they really wanted you to. That may not be the clearest metaphor but hopefully you get the idea.

I had a blast at the reception. I’ve been fairly active on campus which has enabled me to know several of the graduating 3Ls. It also helps that a woman from my alma mater that graduated a year a head of me will be walking this May as well. Besides being active on campus you also get to know upper level JDs who are taking joint degree classes. As I mentioned, the reception was very JD focused which I didn’t mind. What disappointed me was that I was only 1 of 4 MELPs to attend. I definitely felt justified in attending since we’re being asked to contribute to the class gift. That definitely means the MELPs are included in the end of year celebrations to me.

Attending the reception put some perspective on this past year and what time remains. The speeches from students and Professor Latham, as well as the slide show gave me the ability to reflect on how much I love it here. The slide show especially made me wish there was more time to get to know people and experience the trials and tribulations of obtaining a professional degree together. As much as that made me want to stay because the people here truly are amazing, I also know that in itself wont carry me through another 3 years very easily. The education offered is great but at the heart of it, I know that I do not want to be a lawyer. I think knowing yourself is the greatest strength one can have. So despite the peer pressure from my JD friends and push from professors, I know this 12 month MELP program is all that I want and what is best for my career interests.


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