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Earth Week

This past week was Earth Week. I only participated in a few events because I have been extremely busy with finals prep and beginning the interviewing process. I made a smoothie on the bike blender (it’s like it sounds, a blender powered by a stationary bike) and I made and modeled a garment for the Trashion Show. It was a lot of fun, once I got over the momentary panic when I realized that I was going to be walking the bar in a homemade bikini. Luckily, all parts stayed attached and on my body, and the process was painless.

Job searching is going well. I’m starting to get a strong response, and setting up both telephone and in-person interviews. So far, so good. I am feeling a little more confident that I will leave here with a place to go to begin working, rather than retreating home as I had feared. Not to say that it couldn’t still happen, or that it would be the end of the world if it did, but I always expected to move immediately onto “the job” after I finished my degree – so that’s the goal.

I got to participate in a J.D. course final – a mock trial for the Trial Procedure class. It was a great experience, and it really hit home for me how valuable my experience on my undergraduate Mock Trial team was. These students were struggling to master skills that I had learned during my competitions at UCI. I think that for students who want to consider a J.D., doing mock trial at your undergrad is an invaluable experience. Litigation is a small part of being a lawyer when you look at time spent – but it’s an extremely difficult skill set to acquire and being a part of a mock trial program, whether you play an attorney or witness, or both, gives you a solid background and a sense of comfort in the courtroom that the J.D.s I saw today were only beginning to work towards. I felt envious for a moment that they would be heading in to careers where they have the opportunity to try cases – if that was all that being a lawyer entailed, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, being a lawyer is not simply litigating cases, and I don’t care for the rest of it. I will miss the trial experience though – for me, it’s such a rush.


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