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Last Day!

WHOOHOO! Finally made it through 3.5 months of coursework. I have 2 classes behind me and 2 exams ahead. One will be a take home (a favorite style for Professor Judy), and the other will be in-class take home. I only recently found out that the take home is due on the 12th because of deadline requirements for the 3Ls. The really exciting news about that is that regardless of whether I like it or not, I will be completely done with spring semester on the 12th. Once I get my take home I may not be so excited to have that due the same day as my in-class exam.

I feel very different entering exam period this semester compared to last. I feel like I have a better perspective on how my writing needs to improve for the exams. Whether or not that will convert to a better grad will not be known for a while. It would make sense for it to make a difference but, after studying my brains out last fall with disappointing results greeting me on the other end… I don’t put much faith into any assurances. That leads to another note.

While getting into course electives last fall with 2 and 3Ls I really didn’t understand or appreciate why so many of the JDs seemed disenchanted. I have much more appreciation for where they are coming from now. Having 15 week semesters with one grade to show for it, maybe 2 or 3 to split it between if you’re lucky, is back-breaking. It is very similar to the European style of education for those who have studied abroad. If you aren’t a great test taker, like myself, its extremely stressful to have to put all of your eggs in one basket. From what I hear, that is the standard for most law schools which means it wont be changing anytime soon.

I’ll try to get in a few more quick e-mails between study breaks. There is a lot to write about, just not much time to get it all down. Happy last day of classes!!! (p.s. it snowed today. Yes, one April 28th. Yes, with about an inch on accumulation.)


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