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My stress over exams is affecting me differently this time around. I’m trying to go with the “work smarter, not harder,” philosophy. Reviewing my exams with my professors at the beginning of this semester was very beneficial, as was visiting Professor Vesiland in the Academic Success Program (ASP). I was unable to make a continued commitment to meet with ASP through the term due to my internship in Montpelier, and sheer exhaustion working against me.

I am taking what I learned from those separate conversations and am focusing in on specific areas that need improvement. For me that is issue spotting, and structuring essay responses differently. To help with preparation this time around I’ve also given in to the study guide band wagon. There are quite a few different guides available at Barrister’s which saved me a trip to West Leb. book stores. I’m not sure how much they will help me but, it can’t hurt trying something new this time around. For me, the Nutshell (at a pricey $44) was not worth the money I spent. The books are popular. However, the formatting doesn’t work for me, and I feel like it over simplifies cases and statutes to a fault leaving out lots of critical details. For that reason, I’ve diversified onto other study guides that summarize clearly but also provide sample questions with answers explained. Last term I did not have very many hypotheticals to work through while studying, so once I was done reviewing my outline I had nothing to test it against.

After talking to a few 1Ls yesterday, I think I made the right choice to invest in those guides. Those students seem to be very adamant about using them and how they assist with test preparation. If you aren’t a great test taker it may be something worth investing in as well.


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