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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Back in Vermont

After a long ordeal of layovers and delayed flights, I finally got back in to Vermont around 1am Friday morning. It always seems like if I go away for a week, or even hole up in my apartment to study, Vermont changes. The seasons are noticeable as they change. Summer classes start Tuesday after Memorial […]

Education in Australia

One of the major differences here in Australia is the education system, particularly higher education or tertiary school, as they call it here. When you go to university, you essentially decide what you’re going to study before you begin. The subject you study is largely determined by how well you do on exams at the […]

Study Break

Its day 2 of exam period and I’ve been working on my take home exam like mad. Although I have a week to complete it technically, I actually have less time than that. Its due on the same day that I have to take my Environmental Law in class exam. That means that I really […]

Fall? Spring? Which season is it?

It’s a very interesting thing here in Australia. Autumn that is. Instead of plants losing their vegetation and going to sleep for the winter, here in Adelaide, plants turn green and start to grow in the fall. Really! Our neighborhood has become so green recently, that I hardly even recognize it. We’ve had lots of […]

Spring Finals

I made it through the last of the spring semester, and now only have finals between myself and a two-week vacation back home in Southern California. I am pretty happy with my final exam schedule – two tests, back to back on the last two days of exams. Both are open book, open note, which […]

Sources of News and Information

I had a joint degree student ask me recently what news sources I read to keep up with some of the latest on environmental politics, policies, legislation, and case decisions. Besides being brought back to the infamous Katie Couric interview with a former VP candidate, it also made me think of what I would say […]