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Sources of News and Information

I had a joint degree student ask me recently what news sources I read to keep up with some of the latest on environmental politics, policies, legislation, and case decisions. Besides being brought back to the infamous Katie Couric interview with a former VP candidate, it also made me think of what I would say to in coming MELPs. Well, there are numerous sources out there so you’ll need to see which you like. I definitely recommend reading with a critical eye. Who are the contributors? What political bent are they promoting? Why are they writing? Also I definitely recommend diversifying your sources as well. You’ll have to choose what sources you find credible and fit your interest areas. (I’m not promoting the sources below but, I am sharing sources I like to read.)

Here are some I typically parooze through…

New York Times
BBC World News
Huffington Post
Democracy Now
Environmental Law and Climate Change Law Blog –
Environmental – Energy and Environmental News for Businesses
NRDC has 3 or 4 different blogs –
Law and the Environment –
Society of Environmental Journalists –
American College of Environmental Lawyers –
Climate Progress –

…to name a few


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