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Spring Finals

I made it through the last of the spring semester, and now only have finals between myself and a two-week vacation back home in Southern California. I am pretty happy with my final exam schedule – two tests, back to back on the last two days of exams. Both are open book, open note, which should help with some of the anxiety because I don’t have to rely on memory alone.

Today the humidity arrived, and I was completely unprepared for it. I hope we get a few more nice days before the humid summer stickiness settles in for good. Being a Southern California native, I’m used to bone-dry arid heat, not this moist, lush, buggy weather…

I got a bit of spring cleaning done today, since I’m the type of student that physically cannot study unless everything around me is done first – part procrastination, part mild OCD – haha. I still need to conquer the kitchen, but I’ll leave that until the evening when the prospect of a hot sink doesn’t make me wish for the winter snow to make a reappearance.


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