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Study Break

Its day 2 of exam period and I’ve been working on my take home exam like mad. Although I have a week to complete it technically, I actually have less time than that. Its due on the same day that I have to take my Environmental Law in class exam. That means that I really need to get this take home completed with ample time to prepare for my in class exam. I do have a lot of time to get everything done as long as I’m able to stay focused and keep productivity high while I am working. It helps me to set mini goals and reward myself with a break at the end.

I’m tired of thinking about my exams for the moment so this is my break. One thing that has happened throughout this spring term that as entertained me is hair length. Many of the guys that have come to VLS in the fall have had fairly long hair to start with, and let it continue to grow through the winter. It seems that guys also get the crazy, stress hair cutting itch that women sometimes get. Here I think they do it more so. There are so many this past year that all of the sudden cut all of their hair off. It has actually made it really difficult to recognize them in some cases. The improvement is stark though. Its like its part of the coming of age experience for the aspiring male lawyers here. Getting these guys into suits definitely is an impressive sight, but the hair cut really sets the tone. Off the top of my head (no pun intended) I can’t think of 7 that have made the drastic move of parting with their long locks. This study break is dedicated to them and others who risked the appearance change. It looks great!


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