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Back in Vermont

After a long ordeal of layovers and delayed flights, I finally got back in to Vermont around 1am Friday morning. It always seems like if I go away for a week, or even hole up in my apartment to study, Vermont changes. The seasons are noticeable as they change. Summer classes start Tuesday after Memorial Day. I switched courses at the last-minute to take classes that were more advantageous to my potential jobs. I will be taking Ocean and Coastal Law first. Although there’s a ton of reading assigned, I think it’s going to be a great class.

Today I hiked up Mt. Tom, it’s a Kent’s Ledge-esque peak above Woodstock. I really enjoyed it, an easy uphill hike with a great view at the top. My goal for the summer is to hike as much as possible, as many peaks in Vermont as I can. I think that will be the best way to close out my year here at VLS. I feel like everyone comes here intending to spend loads of time out hiking and enjoying Vermont’s natural wonders, then don’t follow through. I am going to make sure my last two months here aren’t spent indoors!


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