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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Threats to the GBR

I’ve just finished watching an ABC (that’s Australian Broadcasting Corporation) report on the oil spill in the Gulf, and I’m feeling pretty low. I have to admit that I’ve been mostly ignoring US politics and news while I’m in Australia, mostly because it’s been really nice to have a break from news that is depressing […]

Wildlife Extravaganza

Wow, what an incredible week. It’s school holidays here in Australia, which means time for a little vacation. When it’s winter in Australia, the Aussies head north to the tropical part of the country, and so that’s what we decided to do. We booked a liveaboard scuba dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef, and […]


Waiting to hear back after an interview may be the most exquisite form of torture. You feel like it went well, but you never know how their other interviews have gone, and who else threw their hat in for the role. It’s hard when you’re an entry-level grad, with no work experience besides internships every summer, […]

Brazilians, balloons, and veggie burgers

It has taken me a bit to get into the swing of summer classes. I gave everything I had and then some to get through spring semester after a disappointing fall. The good news is that is worked! I was very skeptical that it would and although I’m not partial to religious practices, resulted to […]

First Term Finished (Already!)

It’s already finals week(end) for the first term of summer session here at VLS. I really really enjoyed everything about it actually. The course I took, Ocean & Coastal Law was extremely interesting, and pertinent with the spill in the Gulf dominating news. It was taught by three different guys who all work in the […]

Education in Australia, Part Two

As it turns out, there are enough interesting things to say about tertiary education in Australia, that I thought I’d write another blog about it. I recently learned that awhile back (perhaps in the 60s or so?), only the top 6 or 7% of students went on to university. Other people went to colleges, which […]

Session 1: Week 2

Second week done. Friday courses start today, but I decided not to take any, because my lease is up August 1st, and they go through mid-August. I’m still in the interviewing process, and I’ve been having the worst nightmares, related to moving away and not getting a job. It’s a really stressful experience. Class this […]

Pleasure reading

I’ve just finished a book about Australia, and I really wanted to write about it here because it’s now the third excellent book I’ve read about this country. I know most people at VLS aren’t in Australia, as I am, but, if ever you were curious to know about Australia, these are the books for […]

Summer Session I: Ocean & Coastal Law

Today was the first day of the first session of classes. I’m taking Ocean & Coastal Law, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. There is A LOT of reading assigned, over an hour every day – but the class itself is so interesting, and so far the readings have really tied in to the discussion. […]