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Summer Session I: Ocean & Coastal Law

Today was the first day of the first session of classes. I’m taking Ocean & Coastal Law, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. There is A LOT of reading assigned, over an hour every day – but the class itself is so interesting, and so far the readings have really tied in to the discussion. Being from California, (and hoping to go back) I know that it will be a really pertinent course for me. I think the references to the West Coast may get tiring for some of the stalwart Easterners here, but for me, it’s a breath of fresh air to learn about things happening in the West at this East-centric school.

Some quick thoughts on grades – while I got consistently higher grades at my undergrad institution, I feel like I have been retaining more here. In part, that’s probably due to the fact that unlike Greek Tragedy, which barely gets brought up in my life beyond an occasional Oedipus reference, the things we learn here are covered in every class. Each thing relates to each other, and many landmark cases are brought up again and again to be evaluated in various courses and contexts – think TVA v. Hill or Rapanos. While I dislike getting anything less than the A’s I got quite accustomed to, I do feel like I am actually getting some of this information into my long-term memory, rather than retaining it only long enough to pass an exam. While I’d like to be getting better grades, I think at least the more important part of school is being accomplished.

Also, I wanted to pass along this article, which describes incredibly well our generation, as we begin the job search. Our generation has been raised to work hard, to value ourselves, and to expect great things. We don’t want to start from the bottom, or stay in the same job for the next 25 years. We’re movers and shakers, and yes – we’re entitled.

(in case the link doesn’t work, you can also copy/paste this to visit the article)


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