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Session 1: Week 2

Second week done. Friday courses start today, but I decided not to take any, because my lease is up August 1st, and they go through mid-August. I’m still in the interviewing process, and I’ve been having the worst nightmares, related to moving away and not getting a job. It’s a really stressful experience. Class this week was harder because some of the newness had worn off, and we were covering more of the meat and potatoes material, which was less sexy and interesting than last week’s topics. We’ll be ending on marine mammal protection though, which I imagine will be pretty interesting. We have a screening of The Cove, the bloody documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan – should be tearful and distressing, but informative.

It’s been rainy almost every other day, which makes getting out to hike and enjoy the greenery difficult. Allergies have also set in for many students, myself included. It’s one of the downsides to the lush, beautiful, green Vermont summer. I can’t believe how fast time has flown during this degree. Besides the point right past midterms, where the semester slows to a crawl, the weeks seem to wizz by.  I am looking forward to the road-trip with my dad to wherever it is I’ll be headed once I finish here. I am not excited about the prospect of moving the cat I’ve acquired here however, I adore her, but she’s not a traveler – screaming bloody murder when she went to the vet for a check-up. I just know I’ll have to drug her to drive cross-country with her… ugh. For now, I’m just hoping for a sunny day to go tubing on the river, and for that “you’ve got the job” call or email to come in. *Fingers crossed*


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