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Brazilians, balloons, and veggie burgers

It has taken me a bit to get into the swing of summer classes. I gave everything I had and then some to get through spring semester after a disappointing fall. The good news is that is worked! I was very skeptical that it would and although I’m not partial to religious practices, resulted to praying for anything but Cs or lower. The cosmos were nicer to me this time around.

I learned a lot from the fall term. I’ll go into it a bit more in a subsequent blog. For now, this one is intended to reflect the fun and light hearted times I’ve been able to have this weekend. Summer is going very quickly. Tomorrow is already the first day of second term. I saw one of my very good MELP friends for the first time in 3 weeks or so yesterday. It shows how even in a small town South Royalton, you can completely miss seeing people if your schedules are different.

This particular friend has hosted a Brazilian woman at her place and found anther MELP to host a visiting guy from Brazil as well. The Quechee hot air balloon festival was this weekend which I was able to join the Brazillians and my good friend to go and enjoy. It was a great day to be out on the fair grounds perusing vendors and enjoying the sweet and ever so tempting smells of fair food. Experiencing something like that with visiting students was so unique. Seeing their reactions to the live performances on stage, stocking up on Vermont stickers and shirts for their friends and family at home was a reminder of how special this area is. It can be easy to forget when you get cabin fever from studying all the time.

One of the best parts of the weekend was the bbq out in Tunbridge another friend was having. Getting out of South Royalton is always a welcomed treat. Its also really interesting to see where other students live since there certainly are no two places that are the same around here. The evening rolled into a jam session with a healthy mix of visiting students, joint degree students and MELPs. Time passed quickly as the tunes were distracting, brews were plentiful and bellies were well satiated with veggie burgers and dogs, and caprese salad. It is a much welcomed escape from the reality of exam weekend and a much deserved night of summer fun.


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