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Waiting to hear back after an interview may be the most exquisite form of torture. You feel like it went well, but you never know how their other interviews have gone, and who else threw their hat in for the role. It’s hard when you’re an entry-level grad, with no work experience besides internships every summer, and you’re competing with people who have a number of years of experience under their belts. How do you set yourself apart? I am currently waiting to hear back from two jobs, I have an interview in Boston tomorrow, and a few more jobs will be letting me know whether or not they want interviews next week. Ack. I have resorted to taking melatonin supplements, a naturally occurring compound in the body that acts as a sleep aid, to get me past the tossing and turning and over-thinking that I’ve been doing every night. It gives me some bizarrely vivid dreams – a side effect. Sometimes nightmares, others just extremely weird.

Politics, Policies, & the Environment is a very different class. It’s basically story-telling – the life and work of the instructor, viewed through an ethical examination of the actions of the parties involved. Today we find out about our roles for next week’s debate. Should be interesting. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the second term. This summer is rocketing by, but it seems like each day when I wait to hear back from one employer or another, the minutes crawl by… how does that work?!


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