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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Second to last night in SoRo.

I had my first day of work today in Burlington. I was up at 5:15 this morning and didn’t get back to SoRo until 7:15 tonight. It has been a long day and I’m psyched to only have to make that commute once. I’m moving to Winooski on Sunday with the help of some joint […]

Climate change in Australia

One of the most interesting differences between the general public in the US and in Australia is the overall attitude toward climate change. I said I would talk a little bit about climate change in my last post, and how it’s featuring in this coming election. First, one of the things Kevin Rudd did that […]

Elections Down Under

Well, I can certainly say that political elections are pretty different down here than they are in the US. Of course there are many (often unwelcome) similarities, such as negative attack ads, but on the whole things are quite different. Perhaps I should start a month or so ago. After making several decisions that seemed […]

Finished and Farewell

I completed my last class, and subsequently the last final exam of my Masters degree about an hour ago. I can’t believe I’m finished! It’s been a great year, full of interesting courses, people, and life experiences. I leave day after tomorrow for D.C. and a whole new chapter. Thanks for the memories Vermont! Best […]

Back to work

Wow, time seems to be flying down here in Australia, and also back at VLS. I can hardly believe that the MELPs have finished for the year. That seems to have gone by so quickly, as have my first 6 months down here. Anyways, I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been busy having adventures […]


Yesterday was the Masters graduation ceremony – much more laid back than the “pomp and circumstance” of a J.D. graduation. Everyone was in sun dresses or khakis and button downs/polos. It was nice to see everyone together one last time, as we have been separated into summer classes since the official MELP class ended after […]

First Day of Class

I think I’m going to enjoy my renewable energy and alternative fuels class. After dealing with administrative stuff, we got a crash course in how electricity is created. For some it was review, but for me it was the first time I’d heard about megawatts and kilowatts since 9th grade chemistry. I was really glad […]

Break Happenings

Friday a group of MELP girls (three of us regular MELPs and one summer session visiting MELP) piled into my car and visited a few places around Vermont. We started at Vermont Cheese and Butter Creamery in South Barre, VT. After some initial hesitation (probably because we were the only group there, and so small), […]

4th of July Week Vacation

Well it’s 1 in the morning, and it’s so hot I can’t sleep. The east coast has been experiencing a heat wave, and let me tell you, 74 degrees at 1am feels like a lot warmer when you add humidity and the fact that I don’t have air conditioning. I’ve taken no less than 4 […]

Second Term DONE

Well I’m finished with the second term of summer, which means only one more course (Renewable Energy & Other Alternative Fuels) between me and graduating with my Masters. How exciting! I finally got a job too, I’m going to be the Communications Coordinator for an environmental non-profit group in Washington D.C. It’s not California, but […]