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4th of July Week Vacation

Well it’s 1 in the morning, and it’s so hot I can’t sleep. The east coast has been experiencing a heat wave, and let me tell you, 74 degrees at 1am feels like a lot warmer when you add humidity and the fact that I don’t have air conditioning. I’ve taken no less than 4 showers a day since the temperatures skyrocketed.  I have had a good week off so far despite the heat though. I worked on my final for PP&E most of the weekend, but I spent the 4th on the White River tubing with friends. I burned the “you know what” out of myself unfortunately. I guess I got cocky because last time I went tubing I didn’t even get a hint of color. This time I made up for it *ouch*

I’ve started packing because I leave for D.C. in a little over 2 weeks. Hard to believe. I am excited to begin the new life and new job, and as much as I’ve loved VLS, I’m thrilled to not be a student any longer. I went through my closet and pulled out some items that no longer fit/aren’t really age and lifestyle appropriate any longer (cough cough, mini skirts). I’ve had some of them over a decade… scary. I’ll drop them off at one of the thrift stores along with the books I’ve read this semester.

Today I spent the day at Borders Bookstore in West Leb. They have A/C and they don’t mind if you sit and read magazines in a comfy chair all day. It was really relaxing. Tomorrow I’m going kayaking with a fellow VLSer, and Friday I’m going to two different breweries (Shed and Rock Art) followed by the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Stowe. I missed it last month, and I’m excited that I can go this time. Then it will be the weekend, and I have to read and prep for my final class, Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels. I’m excited for it, but I admit I’ll be glad to see the other side of it as well.


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