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Break Happenings

Friday a group of MELP girls (three of us regular MELPs and one summer session visiting MELP) piled into my car and visited a few places around Vermont. We started at Vermont Cheese and Butter Creamery in South Barre, VT. After some initial hesitation (probably because we were the only group there, and so small), they brought out some cheeses for us to sample, and they were all delish!

Next we hit the Shed Brewery in Stowe for lunch and a “brewski” – literally a ski containing a sampler of each of their beers on top. We discussed our favorites over the meal, got our VT Beer passes stamped, then headed to Rock Art Brewery, not too far away for another round of samplers. We enjoyed the summer seasonal – Sunny and 75 – what a great name for a summer brew. Finally, we headed back to Stowe for the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival. Live music, food, and hot air balloons. We were getting nervous because they had forecasted thunderstorms, but after a meeting with all the pilots, they decided to lift off, but not go too far. We got to see the whole process of blowing the balloons up, and then lifting off. It was really beautiful to see all those colored balloons clustered, bumping into each other as they left the ground. Cool!

We ended the night at Skinny Pancake, a delicious crepe-centered restaurant in Montpelier (there’s one in Burlington too) and I finally got both a sweet and savory crepe – it was my last time eating there before I leave in 2 weeks after all. It was a fun day with the girls, and by the time we hit the road for home, around 10pm, the thunderstorms forecast had begun lighting up the sky, and we all watched the show as we drove back to SoRo, where everyone dispersed and passed out.

Yesterday I made the fatal error of placing my cell phone balanced on the rim of my water glass. As I went to grab it off the glass, I knocked it right in! Needless to say, after the bath, the cell phone was kaput. I drove to West Leb to AT&T and found myself a new phone, which I actually quite like. I would have preferred to get an iPhone but the guy informed me that the waiting list already had over 100 people on it, and I am NOT one to go without a cell phone, even for a day…

Tomorrow kicks off my last class at VLS, and I really hope I go out on a good note. I am interested in the subject, so we’ll see how it turns out. I can’t believe in just 2 short weeks, I’ll be driving away from SoRo. Time sure flies.


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