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Yesterday was the Masters graduation ceremony – much more laid back than the “pomp and circumstance” of a J.D. graduation. Everyone was in sun dresses or khakis and button downs/polos. It was nice to see everyone together one last time, as we have been separated into summer classes since the official MELP class ended after the spring semester. The food was delicious, and there were families for many of the students who came from the East Coast originally.

The speeches given by the Dean, Gus Speth, and our fellow classmate, Clay, were all great – short, witty, and pertinent. As soon as it was clear that we were going in alphabetical order I knew Leah would be first, and that she would definitely have something up her sleeve. She didn’t disappoint – after a build up, she pulled a few feet of ribbon out of her mouth to the amusement of the attendees. Most students took a moment or two at the mic to thank family, friends, or say a few passing words about lessons learned, or great memories gained. A few read poems, and a few cracked jokes. All in all it was a short and sweet ceremony full of humor, befitting the MELP class.

I have only about 6 more days left in Vermont. Friday was the Vermont Beer Festival in Burlington. I was really glad for one last trip up there to enjoy the city, eat delicious food with friends at American Flatbread, and enjoy some of the amazing brews that come out of the state of Vermont. This morning I went on a walk since I woke up earlier than usual. It was a gorgeous sunny day, there was a nice breeze. It was great just to see the town, recognize faces, and walk the familiar streets. I will leave with happy memories, and life experiences and education I was lacking at the start of this year.


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