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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Adjusting to Life in D.C.

I was asked if I would consider continuing blogging to give a MELP Alumni perspective, and happily will I do so. Washington D.C. is about as different from South Royalton, Vermont as you can get. I started my new job as the Communications Coordinator for the Pinchot Institute for Conservation about 3 weeks ago, and […]

Ugg Boots and Trademarks

So, perhaps some of you have heard of Ugg Boots, or may even own a pair. I, personally, think they are not very attractive, and was a bit taken aback when they became widely popular in the US. Not surprisingly, I did not buy a pair while in the US. It wasn’t until I came […]

Rain, rain and more rain!

You know what the biggest surprise about Australia has been? I’ll tell you. It’s the rain! When I was packing, I thought to myself, I’ll bring my rain jacket, just in case…. Well, turns out I’ve needed my rain jacket here more than I remember needing it when I lived in London! What the heck?! […]

Local zoning in Australia

Well, I’ve certainly written about a number of major differences between Australia and the US, but one thing that is pretty similar (and in fact, may be pretty consistent around the world) is the desire of local zoning authorities to try and control the aesthetic appearance of their communities. It happens in the US, and […]

Thinking of Vermont

Right now, I’m reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. The book is excellent, but I sure did pick a bad time to read it. You see, I’m in Australia right now, where it’s winter (technically — today really seems like spring to me, in fact, and it never really gets that cold.) The book is […]

Wow, now that’s different

As I mentioned before, Australia is in the middle of a political campaign for the upcoming national elections. I was reading the local paper today here in Adelaide, and I was shocked by one of the articles in the paper. They were featuring 6 voters in South Australia, including information about which party they intended […]